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help4horses                                      Contact: Julie Irvine
Sympathetic, Alternative Training Methods for both Horse and Owner       Mobile:  07786 247343

                                                                             email:    julie@help4horses.co.uk

    A Problem Horse or a Horse with a Problem Understanding?

Do you want to create a better bond with your horse and be the owner he would choose?

Are you having problems loading your horse?

Does your horse pull you around or barge over the top of you?

Does your horse: Spook, Bolt, Buck, Nap?

Have you lost your confidence / enjoyment / trust in your horse?

Does your youngster disrespect you and misbehave with the farrier, vet, at a show etc?

On the other hand, you may not have a specific issue - you may have a new horse, young horse or foal and you'd just like to get it right from the start? 

                 If you have answered "yes" to any of the above then I can help you both!

help4horses, run through Julie Irvine is all about improving communication between owners and their horses to help build a better bond, understanding and trust between both parties through non-violent, non-stressful methods which are natural to the horse to understand. Julie works with you and your horse together and offers simple, easy to understand guidance to give you the confidence to carry on in a similar way to overcome and understand any behavioural issues.

A sympathetic, knowledgeable and natural teacher, Julie works with all types or horses, ponies, adults and children through 1:1 sessions, 1-day courses or new specialist 5-day courses, either at her livery and training centre near Dunfermline in Fife or she can come to you.

Whether you have a specific problem and you want to find a way forward or just want to create a better bond and understanding with your horse, please feel free to contact Julie on 07786 247343 or julie@help4horses.co.uk


Ponies for Sale: Lena and Cameron are for sale on behalf of their owner/breeder.  The ponies came over from Islay approx. a month ago. They had limited handling (however the handling they had had was positive) so over the past 3 weeks I have been working with them. Both have settled extremely well and responded positively to their new environment and routine. Both are brought in through the day and are now well handled and are at the stage of working well with long-lines with saddle and bridle on. They have done lead work, rope work, spook busting, preparation for the farrier etc. Cameron is working well with a dummy rider on board and Lena attended The Kinross Show (having had a full bath and scrub up!) at the weekend and took everything in her stride - even winning a ribbon and praise from the judge on her bahaviour!

Both ponies are for sale to the right home only. Lena is 6, approx 13.2hh and would be best suited to a small adult who is patient and understanding to continue to bring the best out of her.  Cameron is 4, approx. 13.2 and is extremely easy going and has accepted everything asked of him so far with no fuss. Both ponies are welcome to stay here to continue their education if need be and given their behaviour to date I do not forsee any problems going forward.

Please contact me for more information on 07786 247343 or see www.lyrabuscroft.co.uk


Charlie Avent: www.autismmeetsnaturalhorsemanship.com We are delighted to be hosting an event with Charlie on 5th September 2015 between 11am and 1pm (a donation to the charity that supports Charlie will be welcomed). Charlie used his special relationship with a horse called Oscar to turn his autism into a gift and to become a Horse Whisperer. His special understanding with horses has allowed him to make sense of his difficulties and he is now able to help others with similar frustrations. Charlie now inspires others with disabilities or difficulties, through his demos, to focus on their strengths and interests.

If the above is of interest, please contact me for more information.

"Tell Me And I Will Forget, Show Me And I Will Remember,
Involve Me And I Will Understand"

This website should give you a guide to what I do and how I work but if in doubt please call to discuss any issues, concerns or worries you may have about your horse and I'll be delighted to try and help you both. 

DISCLAIMERThe writers on this site are horse owners who like many others are trying to find better ways of handling, riding and generally caring for their horses. Everything written about here is our own personal views and for others to think about and try if they want, we are not saying ours is the only way, or better than any others. We at help4horses believe that we must all do what it takes to keep our horses healthy, happy and contented, we just hope this site will make it easier for natural thinking people to find answers to questions.The links on this site are purely for others to look at, we do not endorse any products or sites, those here are ones the writers have found to be beneficial to themselves in their own research. Each reader has to make their own mind up and the writers on this site do not claim any benefits to other peoples horses.

Please get in touch to offer comments.