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How I Can Help You

GENERAL TRAINING SESSIONS AND GROUND SKILLS: to work with you and your horse on groundwork and trust building. This helps overcome many problems that owners experience with their horses both on the ground and in ridden work. All the exercises done on the ground can be transfered to ridden work, however many ridden problems can be overcome by improving the partnership with your horse on the ground. Learn through Join-up® / Round Pen Techniques, handling horses throught sensitivity and understanding, long-lining, in-hand and rope work.

MANNERS: Training for bargy/difficult to lead horses.

DIFFICULT TO MOUNT: This can be a frustrating problem, especially if you like to ride out and about as you will always be worried about getting off and being unable to get back on! Very often a horses reluctance to let you on is his way of telling you something hurts, but once this has been ruled out there is a very simple exercise to get you horses standing like a rock for you - every time!

SPOOK BUSTING: is your horse terrified of plastic bags, umberella's, hose-pipes, clippers, injections from your vet etc? I can help overcome these fears.

FARRIER: Help for horses that are reluctant to have their feet picked up, or are difficult with the farrier.

NON-LOADERS: I have a 100% success rate in dealing with non-loaders! I work with horse and owner to overcome difficulties with loading into trailers or lorries.

RIDING SKILLS: Learn to overcome riding problems you may be experiencing through seat and position analysis, effective communication.

EARLY EDUCATION:  A horse's early education is important and has a lasting effect, hence the importance of getting it right andf giving your youngster the best start possible!  I specialise in training for under 3 year olds to create a well mannered, go anywhere, do anything youngster. Dont wait until they are 3 and you suddenly find they are big or bolshy or using their size and strength against you!
This includes first touch all over, first leg handling (in prep for farrier - YOU SHOULD NOT EXPECT YOUR FARRIER TO TRAIN YOUR HORSE!), first head collar and lead work, tie up and loading if necessary to give you a go anywhere do anything well mannered youngster.

How Things Go Wrong?
Horses haven't evolved to live with us humans - we have domesticated them. When horses come into contact with people they are expected to live in a way which is completely unnatural to them and this can lead to problems. When a horse's basic needs are not properly met this can cause them stress which in turn leads to behavioural problems It is the hardest pill for all of us would be horsepeople to swallow, but it is absolutely true, if the horse is not responding properly, we are probably doing something wrong!  To try and explain, imagine you are a working exchange student and you are staying and working with a family who don’t speak your language and you can’t speak their language.  They ask you to carry out a task but you don’t understand, they start to shout the instructions a bit louder but you still don’t understand, you attempt to do something in an attempt to please them but it’s obviously wrong as they start to get angry with you and you start to feel confused and upset…….remember your horse doesn't speak our language and this is why your relationship with your horse can quickly break down. If we look at things from the horses point of view we start to see what they are finding difficult and that there are not just "taking the mickey" or being stubborn.

Once you understand that the answer to your horse’s problem is probably yourself, you are well on your way to finding solutions in your relationship with your horse.


Prices for 1:1 Training Sessions:

I am based near Dunfermline, Fife and cover the whole of Scotland (and further if you'll cover our travel!). I am qualified and fully insured.

Initial visit and assessment is £50 (up to 2 hours to allow time for you to learn too) and £30 per hour thereafter or subsequent visits plus travel at: 45p per mile (round trip) or 50p if I need to tow any equipment to you.

Discounts available for block-bookings

If you have a yard and/or you and your friends would like to book a group session please contact me.

I also hold small half-day or full day workshops at my yard or yours. These workshops can cover basic handling, leading and groundwork sesssions to more advanced long-lining or round-pen sessions. Standard workshops are available or I can run a tailor-made one to cover your exact requirements - please ask for details or see under "Tuition : 1 Day Course".

References available.