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Just some course customer comments to date:

"nice, relaxing, informative", "I really learned from the course - it helped me to understand my horse!", Most enjoyable - would thoroughly recommend your courses to any caring horse owner!", "a great opportunity to see the horses free-schooling", "I am looking forward to using what I've learned today with my horses", "Enjoyable, very intellectual, opened my eyes!", "I've learned so much in a short space of time",
"Thanks goodness I took this course - my horse will thank me!"

Please note, the following courses are taught using my horses (it's easier for you to learn with horses that know what to do!) you can then take this knoweldge away and work with your own horse.  If you would like training with your own horse this can be arranged as a 1:1 session either at your yard or here. My courses have a maximum of 6 students to ensure 1:1 tuition.  Alternatively, if you have 6 people I will run any of the courses at your venue.

The following 1-day courses are also available and cost £65pp per day:

Groundwork and Bond-Building:
Learn precision control of your horse by being able to control each foot individually 
Are you dragged around (or the dragger!) when leading your horse? Learn how to lead with respect and ease
Build trust, coordination and confidence in each other through pole exercises
Start to understand your horse and see things from their perspective.  Once you do this, life will become much easier for both of you and you will understand your horse better!

Please contact me for dates and availability if interested

Successful Leading and Loading:
Basic handling techniques and how to lead your horse properly – if you can’t lead you can’t load!
Pressure and release techniques
Controlling your horse’s movement – it is important to be able to move each individual foot as required
Learn through feel
Respecting each other’s space
Learn how your fears and body language affect the horse
Why horses don’t load
Setting the scene so the horse gets it right

Please contact me for dates and availability if interested

Introduction to Loose–Schooling and Long-Reining:
Learn how your body language affects the horse before you attach any lines!
History and benefits of loose schooling
Learning to communicate with your horse in a language they understand
The benefits of long-lining - for you and your horse
Long-lining vs lunging

Please contact me for dates and availability if interested
Round-Pen Techniques:
Help create a deeper bond and understanding with your horse through a language they understand
Control your horses' speed and direction using subtle body language
Learn how your energy levels affect the horse

Please contact me for dates and availability if interested

If you would like to attend a course contact Julie on 07786 247343.  Vouchers for the courses are also available


"a kind hand gives many horses a second chance at life"