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5-day Educational Courses

Pre-Ownership Course
Stable Management, Care and Handling for Beginners:

Owning a horse brings with it a huge responsibility and you should not consider it without making sure you are fully aware of the commitment involved in grooming, feeding, stable management and first aid and your your horse's health and welfare.

This in-depth course covers the following:

  • Horse Evolution: discover how the horse has evolved and developed and understand the amazing partnership we have with them. Learn how the horses natural instincts go against everything we expect of them!
  • Feed & Nutrition: don't fall for the sales pitch! Learn what to feed for your horse's needs, how, when and if at all depending on type of horse, age, work rate, weather etc
  • Tack & Clothing for Horse and Rider: A visit to any tack shop will confirm the bewildering array of tack and equipment - but not all of it is essential. Find out what is necessary and what is fashion! What you need to kit your horse out, types of tack, rugs and equipment.  How to measure, choose and fit equipment correctly and the problems caused if you get it wrong. Learn about the importance of safety equipment for the rider.
  • Horse Health & Care: getting it right to keep a happy horse both emotionally and physically whether they live in a stable or out in a field. How to pick the right horse for you - this is never easy with so many characteristics and temperaments to choose from. Learn the importance of horse husbandry, what your horse needs vs your needs. Where to keep your horse: at livery or in a field. Exercise requirements to keep him fit, grooming routines etc. Learn to spot the early warning signs of some common health issues and what to do plus the anatomy of the hooves and typical ailments which affect them - the common saying is "no foot, no horse"!
  • Horse Handling & Understanding: setting the ground rules so that you have a happy, polite and safe horse to work with given any situation.

I was inspired to provide this course having met several people who had been "in horses" for many years and although in some cases they had become good riders, they had no knowledge or understanding of how to actually look after one and the amount of work and knowledge required once they had actually made the decision to buy or loan one! Some bought horses and it quickly became apparent that they had not a clue what to do with them. Some just meddled along, some thought they could get help from others at their yard, which in some cases was conflicting and in some cases downright wrong! Luckily some got help in the nick of time, some had to work through a lot of problems and heartache but unfortunately, one lady had lost her nerve through acting on bad advice and had been left with a dangerous, angry and misunderstood horse that she sold. God knows what happened to the poor horse as it was now "labelled" and the lady has sadly given up something that was once a passion for her!

This comprehensive, informative and detailed course is designed to help you aviod the many pitfalls of horse care and ownership.  You may be thinking of buying or loaning a horse for you, your children or you may have already taken on a horse and are suddenly finding it's not easy as you first thought!

Some people say a little knowledge is dangerous, I say no knowledge is disastrous!!

This course is carried out over 5 consecutive days. Should you need more help in any area, an individual tailored made training plan can be designed for you and its reassuring to know that you have a point of contact in the future to help with any issues that may arise.

Please contact me for availability and a booking form 

This course is carried out using my horses and costs £485pp. Luxury on-site accommodation is now available and I can provide costs for a residential course if required. 

Advanced Communication, Understanding and Bond Building

This course is designed for people who already have a horse, loan, share or work with a horse or just want a better understanding of the equine species! (scroll down for dates and costs).

This in-depth course covers the following:

  • Round Pen Techniques: If communication between you and your horse breaks down it can lead to frustration and resentment that can lead to bad behaviour and misunderstanding. Work with your horse in a language he understands to establish leadership and trust without the need for ropes, lines or any gadgets
  • Ground and Pole Work: an invaluable tool to overcome many behavioural problems you may experience on the ground or in the saddle
  • Long-Lining: this is a great skill to help develop balance, rhythm, suppleness and connection with your horse
  • Rope work: set the ground rules to develop a responsive, soft and willing partner
  • Body Work: a horse is a prey animal and so it will instinctively do its best not to show outward signs of pain, discomfort or weakness to prevent it being picked out by a predator or kicked out of the herd. Suddenly we expect them to "perform" a whole host of tasks sometimes whilst wearing tack and gadgets (which may or may not fit correctly!) and carry us wherever we ask. A horse in pain or discomfort may manifest itself as a "problem", disobedient or difficult to handle horse. Though a series of body work techniques, we can help our horses be comfortable and without tension to allow them to do the best job they can.
  • Ridden Work: through simple exercises you can have an independent, secure and balanced seat making it easier for your horse to carry out his job. This in turn will create a soft, responsive and cooperative partner in whatever field you choose.

Please contact me for availability and a booking form.

This course can be carried out with your horse or one of mine.  Cost is from £485pp.  Again a cost can be provided for luxury self-catering accommodation on sight for you and your horse!